[openmoko-announce] Om 2008.12 & Beyond

William Lai will at openmoko.com
Fri Dec 19 09:40:46 CET 2008

Dear Community,

The latest testing image for Om 2008 has been uploaded to our stable
branch.  This is the fastest image to date.  Om 2008.12 is recommended
for current users of Om 2008.9 and/or prior images. It includes general
operating system improvements that enhance the speed and stability of
your Neo.

To install the 2008.12 update on the Neo FreeRunner, download the Root
Filesystem and the Kernel image files from:

Root Filesystem


**Note that flashing the Neo FreeRunner will overwrite all your existing
data, so remember to do a backup.  There's also an upgrade path, but
only the clean upgrade from Om2008.9 has been tested.  Please check:


A full test report from our QA team can be found here:


Release notes along with known issues are here:


Many of you know that most of who's left here are focused on the next
major release, Om 2009.  Although a date has not been set for this
release, we're working around the globe, day and night, to get the right
pieces to fit.

For starters, here are some updates on our current work plans:

* merging om.dev back to OE upstream
* updating to andy tracking following this release
* paroli:  http://code.google.com/p/paroli

Thanks everybody for you patience (and endurance).
May the best days be ahead of us.

Openmoko Team

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