[openmoko-announce] Openmoko 2008.9 Update

William Lai will at openmoko.com
Fri Sep 19 20:58:31 CEST 2008

Dear Community,

After many many hours of hard work and an amazing effort by the 
community to help track and fix bugs, we have uploaded the first point 
release to Om 2008.  Om 2008.9 is the first of many point releases to 
come and is recommended for current Om 2008.8 users.

To install the 2008.9 update on the Neo FreeRunner, download the Root 
Filesystem and the Kernel image files from:


**Note that flashing the Neo FreeRunner will overwrite all your existing 
data, so remember to do a backup.

A full test report from our QA team can be found here:


Release notes along with known issues are here:


We are still far from the finish line.  The amount of support we are 
getting is amazing and we look forward to working at the same level of 
involvement.  For those interested in our next shift, a list of some 
targets can be found here:


and for those interested in helping with older issues:


Thanks and Best Regards,

Openmoko Team

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