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------- Additional Comments From marcel at holtmann.org  2007-04-01 23:18 -------
The current bluez-utils CVS can be build with --enable-headset to compile and
install the Bluetooth headset service (for SCO over PCM).

A call to Manager.ActivateService("headset") will start the headset service or
the /etc/bluetooth/headset.service file has to set autostart=true.

The daemon will follow the D-Bus specification that can be found in
audio-api.txt in the bluez-utils source code.

So initially you have to call Manager.CreateHeadset("00:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee") to
setup the Bluetooth headset. This has be done only once and can be done via a
Bluetooth setup wizard.

After that step the Manager.DefaultHeadset() will return the object path for the
configured default headset. It is possible to configure more than one, but that
should be the unlikely case. However Manager.ListHeadsets() allows you to list
all object paths of all configured headsets.

After that you can use Headset.Connect() on the headset object path to connect
the headset. At this point the headset will be connected and the SCO connection
will have been created. However the SCO audio packets will go over the PCM and
you need to setup the correct routing on the codec.

See the full audio-api.txt description for other methods and signals like call
indication etc.

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