[Bug 194] s3c2410fb 8bit mode corrupt

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Wed Apr 4 22:39:33 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From stefan at openmoko.org  2007-04-04 22:39 -------
It seems I got to the root of all the problems. :)

During our meeting with mickey he talked about our theme and the 24bit artwork...

After disabling the theme and ignoring more hardcoded theme and artwork stuff it
looks like the 8bit mode worked fine all the time.

I tested this in the beginning but was confused from some hardcoded settings and
icons. At least I learned much abut the fb driver which I can use for the QVGA

That means for 8bit we just need to change the swaping but have not useable UI
as we can not realize our theme in 8bit.

Harald, what was the reason for 8bit support? Just verify that the kernel driver
works fine, power saving or something else?

Dynamically switching between 8bit and 16bit with fbset should be possible but
is still has some problems and is under reseach for QVGA anyway.

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