[Bug 421] systray applet only shows white rectangles

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Tue Apr 10 22:21:13 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From mallum at o-hand.com  2007-04-10 22:21 -------
You are probably better off rewriting them to not be system tray applets (i.e
applet modules) or at least as gtk based systray applets. Reasoning;

 - For some reason mb systray applets do not work well with gtk based systray
docks. I have tried to debug this in the past with little success - they did
work at sometime in the past. Im sure it is fixible but its probably the same
amount of work to do either of the above and this is a better solution long term. 

 - The background of systray applets can only be solid color and matchbox
applets have no way of knowing what this color should be in GTK

 - Im really trying to kill off matchbox-panel-1 and libmatchbox and replace
with matchbox-panel-2/gtk. I dont really develop either anymore.

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