[Bug 382] It would be nice to include rxvt in mainmenu

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Wed Apr 11 12:04:15 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From pavel at ucw.cz  2007-04-11 12:04 -------
Of course everything should be doable without terminal; but that is not
currently the case.

It is possible to launch rxvt over ssh, but it is impossible to launch rxvt
without access to second machine, and that's a problem. Given that Other| menu
already exists, with "finger demo" (etc), having rxvt along these demos would be

(I'm not sure if mainmenu is the right component. Openmoko seems to have _two_
mainmenus currently. Having rxvt in one of them should be enough.... but it is
important that it can be started without second machine).

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