[Bug 476] uboot-gta01-1.2.0+svnnow-r4_8048cdd56f04a756eeea4951f402bf5cc33785db_0_1764-do_fetch

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------- Additional Comments From freyther at yahoo.com  2007-04-19 13:26 -------
Okay I have looked into the issue and git-core 1.5 and 1.4.3 do not have a compatible file format. For 
uboot-gta the file is fetched from  wget http://downloads.openmoko.org/sources/git_www.denx.de.git.u-

If you untar it and issue git pull depending on your version of git-core you will see:
fatal: corrupted pack file .git/objects/pack/pack-a146bcbc18f4826d6bf2a7f63be5dd77bbb5b2f5.pack

Proposed resolution: 
   -Only create such tarballs with the minimum version of git required.
   -Remove the tarball
   -Require git 1.5 and find a package for debian stable to install on the autobuilder

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