[Bug 43] StatusBar (Footer) API

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------- Additional Comments From rob at o-hand.com  2007-04-20 11:07 -------
I think that using dbus for this is completely overkill. When you send a message
on the bus every process on the bus is woken up resulting in a context switch.

A much nicer solution I think would be to use X properties to convey this
information. This should give much better performance especially if a lot of
updates are being made (e.g. updating a progress bar.)

I'm going to spend some time today and tomorrow working on this. Another thing
that we could do is allow the process to use xembed (via GtkPlug/GtkSocket) to
embed a widget of their own choosing.

I know on the desktop the status notification area uses dbus however that needs
to receive messages from processes without an X window, from my understanding of
the purpose of the footer there will always be an X window for the process that
wants to control the panel

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