[Bug 43] StatusBar (Footer) API

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------- Additional Comments From rob at o-hand.com  2007-04-23 11:12 -------
Over the weekend I knocked up some reference code showing how we could use X
properties to do this. Basically the strategy is this:

The footer keeps track of the _NET_WINDOW_ACTIVE property that is set by the
window manager on the root window, it uses this to notice when the
active/topmost window changes.

When the window changes is attempts to get the _MOKO_STATUS_MESSAGE property
from the window and also tracks for changes to this property. It uses the
contents of this property for the message.

The net result is that whenever the client of the topmost window changes the
property the other client knows and can fetch it. If the top-most window is
changed to something that does not have this property the old value of the
message is retained (e.g. dialog box.)

I would propose adding the code for setting the property to MokoWindow so that
all applications can exploit it trivially and even if they don't the property
can be set to an empty value.

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