[Bug 393] We need a notification API

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Tue Apr 24 01:13:53 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From alphaone at openmoko.org  2007-04-24 01:13 -------
notification-daemon really seems to be what we want to use here, but
it is missing some functionality:

We want the notifications to have an icon present in the panel as long
as the notification is active (even when the actual notification popup
has expired.
i.e. a message arrives: A message icon should appear in the panel and a
notification popup informing us about the Sender and providing buttons
for specific actions ("Read now", "Read later", "Delete"). After 10 seconds
the nofification popup should disappear, leaving the message icon in the
panel. If I click on the message icon the notification should pop up again.
If I read the message through the regular application the icon will disappear.

These are the unobtrusive notifications. We also want to have notifications
that the user *has* to react to.
This would be suitable for most users in case of an incoming call.
Which type of notification is used needs to be configurable by notification
metadata (category, urgency, appname).

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