[Bug 543] New: Unable to build against uninstalled version of the library

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Mon Apr 30 16:08:31 CEST 2007


           Summary: Unable to build against uninstalled version of the
           Product: OpenMoko
           Version: current svn head
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: P3
         Component: openmoko-libs
        AssignedTo: mickey at vanille-media.de
        ReportedBy: rodolphe.ortalo at free.fr
                CC: buglog at lists.openmoko.org

The new libmokojournal/ subdir does not follow the same directory structure as
the other ones. Particularly, there is a libmokojournal/src/ subdir. The public
headers exported by this sublib (moko-journal.h and moko-time.h) are located in
this libmokojournal/src/ subdir.
With this source directory structure, it is not possible to build against a
_uninstalled_ version of the library. Client app uses
"libmokojournal/moko-journal.h" to include the header file (for example, see
applications/openmoko-dialer/src/dialer-window-history.c ).
Former components of openmoko-libs did not exhibit that structure (see, for
example, libmokoui/moko-pixmap-button.h ) and allowed me to build apps against
uninstalled version of openmoko-libs (see other patch in bugzilla #530 and the

It would be nice to get back this ability for me, but that would imply moving
the public headers out of libmokojournal/src/ to put them in libmokojournal/. Do
you think that's possible? (You would then need something like AM_CPPFLAGS =
-I.. in libmokojournal/src/Makefile.am I guess.)

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