[Bug 60] fontconfig antialiasing

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------- Additional Comments From olvaffe at gmail.com  2007-07-23 11:45 -------
I've done some benchmarks on XRenderCompositeString8, by drawing "The quick
brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" with Bitstream Vera Sans, at 26pixels:

with AA + subpixel: 148 times per second
with AA           : 179 times per second
without AA        : 519 times per second

Although the numbers are quite impressive, glyphs still look rugged without AA.
 IMO, AA is necessary.

As for subpixel rendering (which is on by default), because the color fringes
are so easily noticeable, I think it can be disabled.  This helps save the
memory too.  Without subpixel, only 1/4 of memory are needed to cache the same
number of glyphs.

We can consider the necessity of hinting too.  With AA, and with such a high
resolution device, hinting is not a must anymore, especially when the default
build of freetype uses the CPU-intensive autohint.

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