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SMSC and Preferred Storage operations.

This adds setting and retrieval of SMS storage stats (memory type, used
entries, all entries), and of the default service centre (SMSC) number for
outgoing messages.  The operation of setting a new SMSC number is untested
because my SIM doesn't seem to allow this (that or I did something wrong). New
"libgmsd-tool -m shell" commands for testing are also added.

Other changes in this patch:
 * The third, optional, parameter to +CMGL: is a string, not an integer as I
wrongly assumed earlier, this is now corrected.
 * Rename libgsmd API functions starting with lgsmd_.. to lgsm_.. for
consistency with all other identifiers.
 * Move lgsm_send_simple() to libgsmd.c and add a prototype in
lgsm_internals.h, this eliminates some compile-time warnings.

Apply on top of #204, #205, #207 and #220.

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