[Bug 100] Implement Cell Broadcast support

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Cell Broadcast messages enabling/disabling/notifications.

This adds GSMD_CB_SUBSCRIBE and GSMD_CB_UNSIBSCRIBE commands handling and
proper handling of th +CMTI, +CMT, +CBMI, +CBM, +CDSI, +CDS unsolicited codes.
It's also an overhaul of sms_cb.c which I first though stood for sms
*callbacks* :)	rather than "cell broadcast" so all SMS and CB related code now
sits in this file.  The Neo1973 modem doesn't seem to support storing CB
messages and delivery status messages into memory, so the default is now set to
output them directly to TE when they're enabled. None of the CB code is tested
on real CBs, but I think it's a good start.

I'm wondering if gsmd should probably buffer all the messages that were sent
directly to the TE, rather than stored on the SIM, buffer them in some kind of
cache and the cache should maybe even be saved between gsmd sessions so that no
messages are ever lost.

Gsmd should also query the TA capabilities regarding storing incoming messages
and choose that the messages be stored when the modem (other than Neo1973)
supports it.

I changed the length parameter of usock_build_event() to be 16 bits wide
instead of 8 because the gsmd_msg_hdr's "len" field is also 16 bit and 8 bits
turned out to be too short. Patch applies on top of bug #21 attachments.

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