[Bug 666] 3G SIM capability

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------- Additional Comments From harrisonmetz at gmail.com  2007-07-27 15:58 -------
To keep IRC, the lists, and bugzilla in sync many other people have reported
this problem. A gentleman on IRC said that the card AT&T uses is
http://www.oberthurcs.com/getpage.aspx?id=65#application (I guess by looking at
the numbers on it). Others have confirmed that the new "3g fireball" cards work
in older 2G phones and that AT&T does testing to unsure the sim cards have both
USIM and SIM applications on them. But, out of the 5 or so people on the IRC
channel who got their phone on had the new AT&T cards, none have been able to
get them to work.

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