[Bug 100] Implement Cell Broadcast support

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Multiline unsolicited responses parsing.

+CMT, +CBM and +CDS responses two lines long in PDU mode and the parser has
problem with them.  As it was mentioned earlier there's no way for the parser
to know if a new line is part of the most recent command response or
unsolicited response, or a completely new unsolicited response, without looking
at the contents of the first line.  My idea is that the parser for the
particular response decides if the response is too short, and returns -EAGAIN
in which case the AT parser will append the following line to the response and
resubmit it to the response parser.  The disadvantage is that the generic
parser gets one more special case to remember about, but it works quite well,
hopefully there are no more cases where we will need to modify the parser.  (We
may need to use a separate multiline buffer (like the current mlbuf variable)
to account for situations when a multiline unsolicited response comes in the
middle of receiving a different response, which is also possible.  Also, mlbuf
should probably be moved into the parser state struct instead of being a

This patch also moves initialisation of SMS options to after we are registered
to the network, so that we don't get errors from the modem.  Perhaps we want to
have a dynamic list of callbacks to call on succesfull registration.

Among other changes also prevents setting dev_state.on if the radio powering-on
fails. Depends on attachment #226.

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