[Bug 666] 3G SIM capability

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Fri Jul 27 23:48:06 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From scott at spotman.net  2007-07-27 23:48 -------
    With my particular sim, it seems to randomly read it (maybe?) sometimes, and
other times not..

    The 1st time I booted the phone, gsmd auto-started, and in the top toolbar,
it *appears* I had great reception. However, any AT+CFUN, or AT+CIMI command
spits out CME ERROR 13..

    The 2nd time I booted the phone, gsmd did not auto start, and any
combination of starting it and using libgsmdtool -t atcmd, or straight cu,
produces the CME ERROR 10.

So not sure whats going on here, if any logs can be attached that would be
useful, let us know :)


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