[Bug 666] 3G SIM capability

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Mon Jul 30 14:57:07 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From harrisonmetz at gmail.com  2007-07-30 14:57 -------
To let you know the number on my at&t "3g fireball" sim is 4021. I have asked
many friends who have at&t if I could see their sim and they have the same
number. I know the sim works in older 2g phones because my dad has the same sim
model but his old phone is only 2g. I would be more than happy to ship my SIM to
TW for the good of the project. I just feel it is essential for this bug to be
resolved before the GTA02 (and hopefully sooner so I can actually play around
with GSM more on my GTA01v4), assuming FIC/openmoko want their phone on the at&t
network (even though it is sub par, slow network).

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