[Bug 212] Charging seems completely broken

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Sat Mar 10 16:35:34 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From cworth at cworth.org  2007-03-10 16:35 -------
After having my neo booted and plugged in (to my laptop) for about a day, I
observed the same behavior again, (which suggests that there's at least an
additional problem besides the device not charging with a completely dead battery).

So I tried holding down the AUX button while the device was in its 7-second loop
again. I didn't manage to get that to do anything except for interrupting the

Then, after leaving the device unplugged for a short time, (just a few minutes
really), I plugged it in and noticed a change: When I get the looping behavior
it starts with the vibrate-and-splash-screen as soon as I plug it in. But this
time, I plugged it in and it did nothing at all. So I waited another few minutes
before pressing the power button, and then it booted successfully.

I know that's a description of only rather gross behavior, but perhaps there's
something in there that might trigger an idea as to what could be causing the bug.


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