[Bug 994] openmoko-today2_svn.openmoko.org_.trunk.src.target.OM-2007.2.applications_3287_.tar.gz missing

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Thu Nov 8 12:36:46 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From mickey at vanille-media.de  2007-11-08 12:36 -------
Yes, this is something completely different and due to upstream (O-Hand, in this
case) having made some reorganizations on their svn server.

This can be fixed by bumping the SRCREV for openmoko-today2 (I guess
org.openembedded.dev has already made this, so you might as well just mtn pull
and mtn update).

Please understand that this is neither a bug in OE nor OM. Upstream is out of
our control and sometimes they do strange things to their source locations. The
best we can do is mirror the sources, but if they don't exist (as in this very
case), we can't mirror but just wait until upstream fixes it or bump revisions
and hope it has been fixed in the meantime.

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