[Bug 788] Starting or stopping gsmd completely locks up the Neo

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Tue Nov 13 14:33:48 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From balrogg at gmail.com  2007-11-13 14:33 -------
I agree that this is solely a kernel bug and trying to fix it elsewhere is a
wrong approach.  However, Mike's patch not only makes changes outside GTA01 code
but also adds platform code in generic drivers, something to avoid if possible.
 The remembering of flowcontrol bit also looks like a workaround (and shouldn't
be platform specific).

If Fabien Chevalier's patch works then I'm in favor of this patch, although it
looks to me like there should be an easier possible fix.

There seem to be two issues:
one is that the console and flowcontrol can be enabled even when we know that
there's nothing on the receiving end of the port, nothing that will toggle the
CTS bit. (This is partally addressed by both patches)

second issue is that the s3c serial driver does busy-waiting.  It should never
hang the whole system *even* when the CTS bit stays low and flowcontrol is
enabled.  It can block the tty input or do whatever but it shouldn't lock-up the
system.  This issue is not GTA01 specific.

That said something should really be done to "unfreeze" the kernel tree and get
either of the patches in to prevent user-space from being able to lock-up the

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