[Bug 894] gsmd locks-up if libgsmd-tool disconnects too quickly

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------- Additional Comments From balrogg at gmail.com  2007-11-18 02:45 -------
Sorry, but what does the sleep command have to do with this bug?  Imho it's
completely irrelevant.  Basically, you made a change in libgsmd-tool and you're
saying that a bug that's in gsmd (not libgsmd-tool) is now fixed.  How can it
possibly be fixed?  This *is* a gsmd bug, not a libgsmd-tool bug.

Apart from that, S= command is flawed, you can't predict how long a command will
take and it definitely shouldn't be used in scripts.  It's a hack and, even if
it may be useful for developers to test, the -w switch should be used instead.

Also please learn to use the "Resolution: FIXED" and "Resolution: WONTFIX"
bugzilla options.  In some bugs you say that they will not be fixed and then you
mark it as "FIXED", it's illogical.

I can't understand why when you have a proper fix at hand, submitted on
bugzilla, you insist on wasting your time rewriting the code (and introducing
new bugs, changing function names to illogical ones, and replacing tabs by
spaces everywhere).  If you see an error in some of the submitted patches, point
it out, discuss, and ask the submitter to resubmit.  Ignoring is extremely rude
and it is currently destroying the gsmd project.  The code quality has dropped
very badly since laf0rge left it and now the gsmd code looks like a "hello
world" made by a first-time C learner.

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