[Bug 1000] Terminal starts in root, regardless of $HOME setting

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cwixon at usa.net changed:

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------- Additional Comments From cwixon at usa.net  2007-11-18 02:54 -------
Mickey, I missed your comment before I came up with a patch (I will submit it
shortly), which does two things:

  - startup in $HOME

  - hardcode a set of colors in which alsamixer can be used successfully (too
dim before)

This program probably needs a .openmoko-terminalrc file to read, or perhaps some
gconf entries, in which colors, font, etc. can be customized, but for the time
being, I think the patch helps usability.  I'll code that up (.rc/gconf) if
you're otherwise too busy.

As to your 2007-11-14 comment, remote shells all seem to start in "~", in my
experience at least, so I have enforced the same behavior here via getenv(HOME)
and passing it to the terminal widget. 

Attachments will be the patch plus the updated bitbake file, which can be
ignored if you make the patch in SVN.

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