[Bug 543] Unable to build against uninstalled version of the library

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Wed Nov 21 21:05:08 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From rodolphe.ortalo at free.fr  2007-11-21 21:05 -------
I looked again today and, apparently, inside OM2007.2 the #include conventions
for source files have changed. Now, I see things like, for example, #include
<moko-journal.h> in the dialer2 source code.
If apps source files do not use a library prefix directly, then, IMHO this bug
report is now pointless (it should be possible to solve things using uninstalled
pc files) - but I've not yet tried to update my own full autoconf attempt to the
latest OM2007.2 source tree so that's just a theoretical statement for the moment.
(We are lucky in fact, as there was apparently a similar issue with other libs.)

BTW, is there still interest in a recursive autoconf script?

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