[Bug 572] Screensaver needs to ignore first click, and probably should force user through "unlock" sequence

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------- Additional Comments From olaf at uni-paderborn.de  2007-11-25 16:01 -------
OpenMoko display lock

Use case:
Willi wants to hear music when he is jogging, but he can't
because "lock down" gets his neo in suspend mode where he can't here
music and "dim only" won't prevent accidental triggering of events in his

Make an uncloseable widget, which can only be hidden when the user 
draws a specific motion on the screen.

The user has to drag something from the buttom of the screen to the top
of the screen

[1] Is the start screen.
[2] The user starts dragging the white square.
[3] The white square is dragged to the top, the lock window disappears.

Help is needed:
Instead of dragging boring squares to boring rectangles the user could drag 
- key to key hole 
- cat to basket 
- finger to ring
- something that one can put to another thing...

[4], [5], [6] and [7] are the example pictures that need to be replaced
by cool looking things.
You can send ideas and images to olaf at uni-paderborn.de or look for
"borg" in #openmoko

[1] http://homepages.upb.de/olaf/dinge/openmoko/display_lock/start.png
[2] http://homepages.upb.de/olaf/dinge/openmoko/display_lock/some_dragging.png
[3] http://homepages.upb.de/olaf/dinge/openmoko/display_lock/end.png
[4] http://homepages.upb.de/olaf/dinge/openmoko/display_lock/north.png
[5] http://homepages.upb.de/olaf/dinge/openmoko/display_lock/mid.png
[6] http://homepages.upb.de/olaf/dinge/openmoko/display_lock/south.png
[7] http://homepages.upb.de/olaf/dinge/openmoko/display_lock/drag.png

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