[Bug 1023] CDC/RNDIS Ethernet over USB driver provides random Ethernet address after each reboot which makes MacOS X config problematic

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------- Additional Comments From laforge at openmoko.org  2007-11-25 16:06 -------
I totally agree with the analysis and with the fact that OpenMoko should have
fixed usb-ethernet MAC addresses.

I don't think we need any kernel patches for this. The kernel very well supports
fixed MAC addresses that are provided to it at kernel boot time parameter.

However, deriving a MAC address from the serial number / IMEI is not an option,
since we cannot guarantee that we wouldn't use an already-allocated MAC address
of a completely different vendor.

What we need is two officially allocated MAC addresses out of a to-be-bought OUI
range.  Those two MAC addresses need to be stored in the environment partition
of the device during production.

The bootloader then passes these MAC addresses to the kernel at boot time, and
everything else should happen automatically.

So we need three things
1) the OID range that OpenMoko wanted to buy anyway
2) a possibility to allocate two MAC addresses to each device during production
3) the ability to write those two MAC addresses into the bootargs_base
environment in the kernel-required syntax for usb ethernet.

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