[Bug 958] GSM modem dead

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Mon Nov 26 08:16:04 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From rishi_date at yahoo.com  2007-11-26 08:16 -------
We tried uaing the follwing images 

Kernel image 
URL: http://buildhost.openmoko.org/OM2007.2/tmp/deploy/glibc/images/neo1973/
Name: uImage-  

Rootfs image 
URL: http://buildhost.automated.it/OM2007.2/?M=D
Name: OpenMoko-openmoko-devel-image-glibc-ipk-P1-Snapshot-20071118-fic-

The problem with gsmd seems to be resolved with the combination of the above-
mentioned kernel and the root-fs images.

One observation on this build is that the range indicator doesn’t change state 
even after the phone catches range.

Here we have used the SVN R3238 for the kernel.  We have not been able to 
locate the R3308 revision of the kernel. Please let us know the location for 
downloading the latest kernel and root-fs?


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