[Bug 1025] gsmd initialization questions

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------- Additional Comments From sean_chiang at openmoko.com  2007-11-26 10:53 -------
Q. Sun Nov 25 17:29:24 2007 <1> atcmd.c:260:ml_parse() buf=`EXT: I'(6) Where
does that come from and what does it mean?
-> TI GSM firmware doesn't support the at command AT+CVHU=0

Q. Command without callback? Does that indicate a mapping problem between request
and response?
-> Doesn't give a callback function when send the at command AT+CMGF=0

Q. SIM not inserted? That's wrong, since later in the process, I can nicely give
the PIN and it registers to my home network.
-> AT%CPHS=1 is TI property AT command, so I think this should be resolved from
firmware side

Q.Which command are we sending so early that is not allowed to be perform?
 -> AT%CPMB=1

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