[Bug 90] GSM TS07.10 multiplex missing

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Fri Nov 30 16:11:26 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From wally.ritchie at gmail.com  2007-11-30 16:11 -------
After doing some testing in user space with the calypso and not getting back any
replies on the list, i went ahead and rewrote a kernel mode mux from scratch. It
should be in shape very soon for a test release. 

The initial release will be calypso only but it will support all (which is not 
much) features of calypso. Eventually it will be extended to full support for
the standard. I've been reluctant to post too much further info until I have
working code but I will go ahead and post an outline to the gsm mailing list in
the next couple of days. 

This is a kernel mode line discpline which supports any number of mux instances
and any number of virtual ports and can be configured on an individual mux
instance basis for TE side or MS side and protocol options.    

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