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#952: Just some cool ideas I have been joting down.
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Comment(by Archimedes):

 Me and some friends are working on a webbased social network thing which
 is planned to incoperate the location based features (like games, where
 are my pals, POI,... - Point 1,2,7 and 10 of your ideas) you mentioned.
 The initial language will be german, but multi-language capability is one
 basic feature we will support.

 The creation of a client on the openmoko might be a problem as I am the
 only developer in our team who knows something else than PHP (well,
 Java... but I'm studying computer science and am good in learing new
 programming languages) and I already have to do many things like project
 management, privacy policy, core development/programming and security
 checks (PHP is not known for enforcing security so I have to check that by
 And we're not openmoko centered, so openmoko is only one of several
 platforms we want to support (for example iPhone [3G/GSM Version and old
 one with GSM triangulation] as it has a larger userbase - but I like my
 open OpenMoko much more than that locked down fruit bul... stuff :-D)
 Though the soonest point we will be implementing basic location based
 services is after we have a working backend, Webinterface and good privacy
 management features (very important!).

 As a basic client/server system we may build the "where am I, where are my
 friends"-feature [
 VisualGPS] looks very promising, but in the long run we may create our own
 client (I will try to make it open source, but I'm not the only one having
 something to say about that. But the protocol to update location and pull
 locations of friends will be open so anyone may create his own client).

 But right now we are still in a planning phase, so '''I can't make any'''
 promises - not even that we start the whole thing as we need some severe
 investions (at least for our measures) and maybe start a company (like a
 british Limited) as legal threads are a common method to pull the
 competition out of business and we don't want to be put to liability with
 our private property (but we won't operate profit oriented ;-)).

 One thing on wifi based "SMS": There is already something called IM (like
 Jabber - yeah, and AIM, ICQ, MSN,...) which suits your ideas perfectly :-P

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