Openmoko Bug #1764: cannot switch layout on Om 2008.8 keyboard

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Mon Aug 11 09:19:45 CEST 2008

#1764: cannot switch layout on Om 2008.8 keyboard
 Reporter:  kavol at  |        Owner:  marek   
     Type:  enhancement      |       Status:  accepted
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Comment(by raster):

 illume's own config panel/dialog supoprts flipping keyboards. as illume
 doesnt directly integrate qith qpe - but expects system config to drive
 it, it offers the choices of:

 no keyboard (as such qpe's keyboard takes over here and its' he default
 config in ASU).
 internal default keyboard (illume's own keyboard with kbd layout files
 ... a list of other external keyboards ...

 the list of external keyboards is generated from the system .desktop file
 list. if the .desktop has "Keyboard" in its categories lise - it will get
 listed in this dialog. E(illume) will exec the keyboard for you on login
 or when config changes (and close the previous process if there was one).

 although as such - this config dialog is not supported by design in ASU,
 so i make no guarantees on it as i really haven't focused on it or used it
 beyond helping do development. there are dbus calls to swizzle with the
 virtual keyboard too. keyboard can be "none" "internal" or some .desktop
 file - eg "mykeyboard.desktop".

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