Openmoko Bug #1599: Suspend / resume breaks audio

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Tue Aug 19 18:56:34 CEST 2008

#1599: Suspend / resume breaks audio
 Reporter:  phyce                       |        Owner:  openmoko-kernel
     Type:  defect                      |       Status:  new            
 Priority:  normal                      |    Milestone:  Om2007.2       
Component:  System Software             |      Version:  GTA02v5        
 Severity:  normal                      |   Resolution:                 
 Keywords:  sound audio suspend resume  |    Blockedby:                 
 Blocking:                              |  

Comment(by yarikoptic):

 I originally inquired on the mailing list
 and was forwarded over to this very bug report ;-)

 I am running 2008.8 with some recent kernel (from Aug 19 I believe).
 More information about the phone (logread/dmesg/installed packages) is
 available from

 alsa state didn't change after resume (ie it is not plain wrong alsa
 scenario problem)

 Unfortunately I can't try given pactl recipe since there is no pulseaudio
 running on 2008.8 and I am not sure if that would be sane to bring it in
 -- would it?
 I've installed pulseaudio-misc though to try pactl but apparently it is
 useless without server:

 root at om-gta02:~# pactl suspend-sink 1
 W: client-conf.c: Failed to open configuration file
 '/etc/pulse/client.conf': No such file or directory
 Connection failure: Connection refused

 Is there anything else to try?

 Thanks in advance

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