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Thu Aug 28 14:30:15 CEST 2008

#1889: Dialogs problems in illume
 Reporter:  Treviño     |          Owner:  raster  
     Type:  defect      |         Status:  new     
 Priority:  normal      |      Milestone:          
Component:  E - Illume  |        Version:  Om2008.8
 Severity:  major       |       Keywords:          
Blockedby:              |   Reproducible:  always  
 Blocking:              |  
 There are some problems when an application (only gtk tested) opens a
 dialog in illume.

 Shortly the can't moved or resized. Neither from the application itself -
 Only illume seems able to resize them.

 An example: gpe-scap "Browse..." dialog. If you try to expand it (using
 the "> Browse for other folders" expander) the dialog won't change it's
 size and so it won't be redesigned correctly.
 But there's something of worst: if you open the same dialog in landscape-
 mode, the keyboard pop-ups and resize the dialog that now has an eight of
 few pixels; if you close the keyboard, the dialog won't resize to a bigger
 height, so it is not usable at all (it's pratically a line...).

 I think that illume shouldn't resize these dialgs at all when the keyboard
 it's shown and should allow the user to move them around in the screen.
 A cool feature would be: if you're editing a text-field in a dialog, then
 the keyboard should pop-up, while the dialog should keep its original size
 but moving itself in a position which would allow the user to view the
 selected text field. As soon as the keyboard is closed the dialog should
 go back to its original position.
  BTW I don't really know if this is easily doable.

 It's impossible to re

 Also midori has the same problems.
 I can post some screenshots if it's needed.

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