Openmoko Bug #1766: [GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls

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Thu Aug 28 22:53:17 CEST 2008

#1766: [GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls
    Reporter:  dexteruk            |        Owner:  zecke     
        Type:  defect              |       Status:  in_testing
    Priority:  high                |    Milestone:            
   Component:  Qtopia              |      Version:  Om2008.8  
    Severity:  normal              |   Resolution:            
    Keywords:  GSM Antenna Signal  |    Blockedby:            
Reproducible:                      |     Blocking:            

Comment(by Yorick):

 Replying to [comment:83 zecke]:
 > @yorrick: So you have both Qtopia and gsmd installed? (Also attach the
 output of opkg list_installed). Well this is not supported and will not
 work.. which brings #1827 to the table.

 Since I didn't get any luck with the qtopia dialer I installed the
 So I should delete one of the dialers?

 I rebooted 2008.8 and the PIN dialog doesn't show up so when I try the
 qtopia-dialer it says of course no network...

 After opening openmoko-dialer2 I try to call and get the error message
 "Method "Dial" with signature "s" on interface
 "org.openmoko.PhoneKit.Dialer" doesn't exist". Immediatly after this error
 message I get a new sms message (strange, no? i'm still not registered)
 and immediatly after this message the pin dialog of openmoko-dialer2 shows
 My network icon says I have good reception (green) but when I press Dial,
 it says "Dialer Error: No Network".

 I close openmoko-dialer2.

 I open the qtopia-messages and I see no new message...

 I close qtopia-messages.

 I open qtopia-dialer
 I dial my number
 It says (Dialing) but I hear no sound and my speakers also do not respond
 like they do when I dial.

 I press disconnect.

 I once again try openmoko-dialer2 in vain.

 Logread and opkg list_installed is attached

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