Openmoko Bug #1892: Locations doesn't start

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Fri Aug 29 11:34:32 CEST 2008

#1892: Locations doesn't start
    Reporter:  flamma     |        Owner:  marek       
        Type:  defect     |       Status:  accepted    
    Priority:  normal     |    Milestone:              
   Component:  Locations  |      Version:  Om2008.9-dev
    Severity:  normal     |   Resolution:              
    Keywords:             |    Blockedby:              
Reproducible:  always     |     Blocking:              
Changes (by marek):

  * version:  Om2008.8 => Om2008.9-dev
  * severity:  critical => normal


 The dbus path is random and will change everytime the session is
 restarted. It wont survive a reboot. Also, the shell variable has nothing
 to do with a desktop entry. The desktop entry is started by enlightenment
 which already has that variable. Your desktop entry also did not work ?

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