Openmoko Bug #2104: Morse code announcing who is calling or texting

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Sun Nov 2 13:50:13 CET 2008

#2104: Morse code announcing who is calling or texting
 Reporter:  pander       |          Owner:  zecke    
     Type:  enhancement  |         Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal       |      Milestone:  Om2008.10
Component:  Qtopia       |        Version:  Om2008.8 
 Severity:  normal       |       Keywords:           
 Haspatch:  0            |      Blockedby:           
Estimated:               |    Patchreview:           
 Blocking:               |   Reproducible:  always   
 Please provide an option (as a general setting ring tone, or as a personal
 ring tone) that the name of the person who is calling or texting is
 announced in Morse code, followed by 'calling' or 'texting'

 Benefit of this is when you are occupied and answering the telephone is
 cumbersome (i.e. working in the garden, having to wash your hands before
 answering) the Morse code will inform you who is on the other end without
 you having to pick it up.

 An extra option could be offered (by default disabled) that reads out the
 text message in Morse. This could be a general setting or a personal
 setting. Also a setting (slider) for the speed of the Morse code could be

 Advantage compared to personal ring tones, is that you do not have to set
 a personal ring to the everybody in your address book. Also nice vintage
 effect to give Morse code a useful application.

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