Openmoko Bug #2109: Upgrade path error from Om2008.9 to testing

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Wed Nov 5 09:29:39 CET 2008

#2109: Upgrade path error from Om2008.9 to testing
    Reporter:  john_lee  |        Owner:  tick        
        Type:  defect    |       Status:  accepted    
    Priority:  high      |    Milestone:              
   Component:  opkg      |      Version:  Om2008.9-dev
    Severity:  normal    |   Resolution:              
    Keywords:            |     Haspatch:  0           
   Blockedby:            |    Estimated:              
 Patchreview:            |     Blocking:              
Reproducible:  always    |  

Comment(by tick):

 In ncurses it will be another story.
 opkg should check if libncurses5 is installed or not first.
 If so remove it first.

 Package: ncurses
 Version: 5.4-r15
 Depends: libc6 (>= 2.6.1)
 Provides: libncurses5
 Suggests: ncurses-terminfo
 Section: libs
 Architecture: armv4t
 Maintainer: Angstrom Developers <angstrom-distro-devel at>
 MD5Sum: 54e1f270fb60695a7b4fb6cbb689254c
 Size: 168540
 Filename: ncurses_5.4-r15_armv4t.opk
 file://makefile_tweak.patch;patch=1 file://visibility.
 Description: Ncurses library
 OE: ncurses
 Priority: optional

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