Openmoko Bug #2112: 2008.8-updates down!

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Fri Nov 7 14:27:30 CET 2008

#2112: 2008.8-updates down!
    Reporter:  Paul Kremser <paul.kremser at>  |        Owner:  documentation
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Comment(by haduong at


 Thanks for reporting the stale link. I think that you refer to the page:
 where it is written:
 If you plan to update your distribution, you may as well flash directly
 from: Om2008-stable (Om2008.8-update).
 I removed that sentence, so consider it fixed.

 Regarding the table where 2008.8 is improperly flagged, I think you mean ? Then I would suggest to
 leave as it is, it's hard to prove that something cannot work and the
 whole 2008.8 column is obsolete anyway.

 There is NO place to file bugs for the wiki because it is supposed to be
 faster to fix what is wrong than to file a bug. But our wiki improvements
 are discussed at
 , please join us for further comments (it's rather low traffic, ~3
 messages/day). Having a procedure to check for stale links would be a good
 idea, but so far nobody volunteered.

 Does this replies your concerns ?

 Yours, Minh

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