Stereo switching channels problem

Bojan Skipina skipina.bojan at
Mon Nov 10 15:24:04 CET 2008


I noticed that on my Neo1973, when I'm playing some mp3 with madplay or wav
with aplay that channels are switched from time to time. In most cases
channels are OK i.e. I hear left channel on my left speaker of headset and
sometimes they are changed i.e. I hear right channel on left speaker. I want
to develop some application and I need full duplex audio so this will be a
big problem. This is the test case:

In terminal, i typed:

root at om-gta02:~# alsactl -f /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/headset.state
root at om-gta02:~#madplay test.mp3
root at om-gta02:~#madplay test.wav

Files test.mp3 and test.wav are files which I created, regular files with
very different left and right channels so I could notice that they are
swapped. I searched on the internet but I couldn't find anything about this
problem. You could try this on your phones and tell me what happened. I
tried so many times and things ocurring, but not so often. Any clues?
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