Openmoko Bug #2076: Om2008.9 plays only one sound channel

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Sat Nov 22 20:52:45 CET 2008

#2076: Om2008.9 plays only one sound channel
 Reporter:  Shalnoff       |          Owner:  julian_chu
     Type:  defect         |         Status:  new       
 Priority:  normal         |      Milestone:            
Component:  Distro         |        Version:            
 Severity:  major          |     Resolution:            
 Keywords:  sound, stereo  |      Blockedby:            
 Blocking:                 |   Reproducible:            

Comment(by walkie):

 This is easy part of possible bug in new 2008.9. This can be fixed with
 running alsamixer and pressing button M in Amp state field. Earphone sound
 becomes stereo.
 Unfortunately I also to this have another part: I can't get any sound from
 loudspeaker at all. No ring, only vibrate, no alarm sound, no sound from
 playing .ogg - only sound in earphones then they are connected. I tried
 almost every combination in alsamixer and alsactl -f ...state restore - no
 result. In factory 2007.2 loudspeaker works ok. I'm running new 2008.9
 20081711 on sd card.

 Should I open new ticket?

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