Openmoko Bug #1767: Enlightenment Error

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Wed Nov 26 08:11:24 CET 2008

#1767: Enlightenment Error
 Reporter:  ssweeny     |          Owner:  john_lee
     Type:  defect      |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal      |      Milestone:          
Component:  E - Illume  |        Version:  Om2008.8
 Severity:  normal      |       Keywords:          
 Haspatch:  0           |      Blockedby:          
Estimated:              |    Patchreview:          
 Blocking:              |   Reproducible:          

Comment(by john_lee):

 upstream mainly works on software_x and illume-theme-illume, so this
 combination is known to work.  if you prefer to use upstream illume theme,
 please switch to software_x engine.  since asu theme seems to work with
 software_16, fixing this is low priority at the moment.

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