Openmoko Bug #2088: [Testing] The settings app cannot be started

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Wed Nov 26 22:35:25 CET 2008

#2088: [Testing] The settings app cannot be started
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Comment(by yarikoptic):

 PS Doh -- I would love to reopen it but apparently I don't have 'the
 permission'... imho that is silly... should I just file a new one then???

 Today I hit the same issue here: I was running 'latest' FDOM and decided
 to try my luck again -- added all 'testing' opkg sources and did opkg
 upgrade... came to the point you know -- running does nothing
 -- exists after 1-2 seconds

 the issue was that python-etk installed was
 so it is epoch 1:
 is that the one from old 'stable'?
 in any case, testing has now

 But "opkg install", while 1:0.... is installed, fails to install even if I
 say -force-downgrade. So I just did manually

 opkg purge -force-depends python-etk
 opkg install python-etk_0.3.0\+svnr36882-r0.01_armv4t.opk

 now it starts fine...

 I wonder if you should have used also epoch 1: for the correct upgrade
 from old stable?
 can't compare for sure since documented feature of opkg causes segfault:

 /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/etk#opkg compare_versions 1 '<=' 2
 Segmentation fault


 > opkg compare_versions
 1:0.0.1+gitr101+8d36de2726003ad0356056fcf3ede5f2d3f4fca7-r1.03 '<='
 0.3.0+svnr36882-r0.01 && echo yes
 Segmentation fault

 at least on debian it would be indeed the case:
 >dpkg --compare-versions
 '1:0.0.1+gitr101+8d36de2726003ad0356056fcf3ede5f2d3f4fca7-r1.03' lt
 '0.3.0+svnr36882-r0.01' && echo yes || echo no
 and if you add epoch -- you are safe:

 >dpkg --compare-versions
 '1:0.0.1+gitr101+8d36de2726003ad0356056fcf3ede5f2d3f4fca7-r1.03' lt
 '1:0.3.0+svnr36882-r0.01' && echo yes || echo no

 So, imho, correct resolution would be to include epoch "1:" or even "2:"
 into the version of python-etk

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