Openmoko Bug #1884: [suspend/resume] if press power batton right after suspend, the device won't wake up

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Tue Sep 2 18:23:49 CEST 2008

#1884: [suspend/resume] if press power batton right after suspend, the device
won't wake up
    Reporter:  wendy_hung       |        Owner:  andy    
        Type:  defect           |       Status:  new     
    Priority:  high             |    Milestone:  Om2008.9
   Component:  System Software  |      Version:  Om2008.8
    Severity:  critical         |   Resolution:          
    Keywords:                   |    Blockedby:          
Reproducible:  sometimes        |     Blocking:          

Comment(by Treviño):

 Well, I've tried again with a stable kernel from git
 d744c88c149269b95ec068c8615e492375415d6d that I've configured using the
 defconfig-2.6.24 and patched only with [
 /linux-glamo-mpeg.patch linux-glamo-mpeg.patch] and
 fix-glamo-crank-memory-to-90MHz.patch]. Now suspension (well, it would
 better say "resume" since the phone has always gone into sleeping) works
 and I can resume the phone quite in all the tests I've done.

 So, the andy kernel branch has problems in resuming and I figure that
 they're due mostly to the patch:
 fix-glamo-turbo-host-interface.patch]. In fact, if I enable this with my
 configuration I get a fps speedup (I don't know if it's only a placebo
 effect, btw :P) but the phone doesn't resume at all!

 I've just to say that the first suspension is longer than the others (I
 can check it turning on a LED, it takes some seconds more to turn off the
 first time). Is this a known issue?

 ''PS: this is not in theme, but I've to underline that the
 fix-glamo-crank-memory-to-90MHz.patch] fixes all the glamo hangups/freezes
 [ I
 had using Xglamo].''

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