Openmoko Bug #1024: gsm modem oscillating between registrated / not-registrated

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Fri Sep 5 12:07:24 CEST 2008

#1024: gsm modem oscillating between registrated / not-registrated
    Reporter:  mickey at  |        Owner:  sean_chiang
        Type:  defect               |       Status:  assigned   
    Priority:  high                 |    Milestone:             
   Component:  gsmd                 |      Version:  unspecified
    Severity:  blocker              |   Resolution:             
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Comment(by erin_yueh):

 Replying to [comment:36 akriegisch]:
 > same problem for me with all kinds of software (2007.2, 2008.8 and now
 > I tried 4 different 3G sim cards with the same result. (I seem to be
 unable to get any 2G cards) Here is an example session from mickeyterm:
 > {{{
 > AT+CFUN=1
 > AT+CREG=2
 > AT+COPS=0
 > OK
 > => (removed empty lines)
 > +CREG: 2
 > +CREG: 1,"00B5","4B72"
 > +CREG: 0
 > +CREG: 1,"00B5","7320"
 > +CREG: 0
 > +CREG: 1,"00B5","4B72"
 > +CREG: 0
 > +CREG: 1,"00B5","4B72"
 > +CREG: 0
 > }}}
 > have about 0.5 to 2 "CREG: 0" per minute ad infinitum)
 > several other strange things I noticed:
 > * once I saw "CME ERROR: 321" (with OM2007.2 in libgsmd-tool -m shell at
 the very beginning of SIM/GSM initialization) which is especially
 interesting as cm_E_ error 321 does not exist -- just cm_S_ error 321?

 about these error numbers, they define in some 3GPP spec. CMS is related
 to SMS error and CME error is related to general modem error. you can find
 their meanings from 3GPP website.
 3GPP TS 27.007
 9.2 Mobile Termination error result code +CME ERROR
 3GPP TS 27.005
 3.2.5 Message Service Failure Result Code +CMS ERROR

 also, as i remembered in gsmd part for 2007.02, i get this error code, coz
 i have no voice mail number in my SIM card.

 > * my freerunner is gta02v6 (with gps capacitor already in place at sd
 socket when I got it) and still needs more than 10 minutes to get First
 Fix. (mine looks like -- I
 know this is GPS and not GMS, but I wonder if there is any relation
 between stuff like that just because the accepted solution does not seem
 to work for me.
 > *
 > {{{
 >  +CGMR: "HW: GTA02BV5, GSM:
 > }}}
 > list my FR as GTA02BV5 whereas /proc/cpuinfo gives:
 > {{{
 >   Hardware        : GTA02
 >   Revision        : 0360
 > }}}
 > and using boot prompt on serial console says GAT02v6:
 > {{{
 >     Connected.
 >     In:    usbtty
 >     Out:   usbtty
 >     Err:   usbtty
 >     Unrecognized hardware revision 0x305. Defaulting to GTA02v6.
 >     PCB rev: 0x305
 >     Power: 0mA
 >     GTA02v6 # version
 >     U-Boot 1.3.2+gitr650149a53dbdd48bf6dfef90930c8ab182adb512 (Sep  3
 2008 - 10:20:46)
 > }}}
 > IMO this is the most recent U-Boot version that should know about my
 Freerunner's version, right?

 Yes, you are using the latest GSM firmware and U-Boot version.
 > * I noticed a better reconnect to gsm behavior on OM2007.2 right after
 installing and using gsm0710muxd. Before at some point (about after 10-15
 minutes) phone never really registered again.
 > * When calling the FR the line drops immediately -- the second time
 works most of the time (ie: wait until after registration of FR completes,
 call FR, FR will immediately get "CREG: 0" instead of the call, FR
 reconnects, call FR again -> bell rings...)
 > * After having a connection (no matter if in- or outbound) it is stable
 most of the time. Just roaming between cells does not work reliably due to
 this issue.
 > I will gladly help by providing any information necessary for further
 debugging and can even offer root shell to the device if anyone is
 interested?! Will gladly try alpha & beta GSM firmware! :-) [sadly right
 now the phone is unusable for me... :-/]

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