Openmoko Bug #1902: Wifi can't connect at all

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Tue Sep 9 00:20:11 CEST 2008

#1902: Wifi can't connect at all
    Reporter:  hiciu                                                      |        Owner:  hardware
        Type:  defect                                                     |       Status:  new     
    Priority:  normal                                                     |    Milestone:          
   Component:  hardware                                                   |      Version:  GTA02v6 
    Severity:  normal                                                     |   Resolution:          
    Keywords:  wireless wifi wlan set essid failed invalid argument 8B1A  |    Blockedby:          
Reproducible:  always                                                     |     Blocking:          

Comment(by werner):

 Indeed, there's some confusion in the Atheros stack about how the ESSID is
 passed and stored. It also gets confused if the ESSID has a length of 32
 bytes. This might be because the format of the data passed in the ioctl
 changed from including the final \0 to not including it anymore.

 I don't want to change this before having a better understanding of what's
 happening with the ESSID inside the stack. So I'd recommend, as a
 work-around, to avoid ESSIDs of length 1 or anything larger than 31 bytes.

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