Openmoko Bug #666: 3G SIM capability

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Tue Sep 9 08:13:14 CEST 2008

#666: 3G SIM capability
 Reporter:  steven.demetrius at  |        Owner:  michael    
     Type:  defect                      |       Status:  new        
 Priority:  highest                     |    Milestone:             
Component:  GSM Modem                   |      Version:  unspecified
 Severity:  critical                    |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:  SIM att 7300g 71234 4022    |    Blockedby:             
 Blocking:                              |  

Comment(by cwcentral):

 Same here. I'm trying to reuse my 1G iphone SIM [from my cracked screen]
 which has the 71234G/3022 fireball Usim. The Freerunner just sits on
 "registering..." if I software-restart GSM a couple of times the signal
 strength shows a connection, but it still says 'registering'.

 The fireball SIM works on my other [cheap] AT&T go-phones (2 of them).
 Those have the 6 pin sim reader.

 My 6yr old T-mobile GPRS sim works fine on the Freerunner. No issues yet.
 That sim came out of a SE K750i, which has a 6 pin reader too (unlike the
 freerunner with 8 pins), but is the older style 8-pin sim made by Starsim
 ( ). I checked out this
 site: where the AT&T
 card is the left side (6pin) and the working cards on the right side
 (8pin). It appears the pins should not be an issue?

 Of course, none of my AT&T go-phone sim cards work on any non-AT&T phone
 from network locking. (Though my iphones sim is suppose to work on non-
 AT&T phone, e.g. N95, K800, etc...).

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