Openmoko Bug #1716: [Package] add .edj decompiler/compiler as a package

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Wed Sep 10 12:37:29 CEST 2008

#1716: [Package] add .edj decompiler/compiler as a package
    Reporter:  will          |        Owner:  julian    
        Type:  task          |       Status:  in_testing
    Priority:  high          |    Milestone:            
   Component:  Distro        |      Version:            
    Severity:  critical      |   Resolution:            
    Keywords:  edje package  |    Blockedby:            
Reproducible:                |     Blocking:            

Comment(by marek):

 I checked it today on the testing image and it works! Thanks

 Also, I tried to decompile the exposure.edj but it fails:

 edje_decc exposure.edj
 Output Image: exposure/back_arrow.png
 ERROR: cannot write file exposure/back_arrow.png. Perhaps missing JPEG or
 PNG saver modules for Evas.

 Can you have a look into that ?

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