Openmoko Bug #1988: addressbook mangles UTF-8 characters when importing version 3 vCards

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Wed Sep 10 13:25:12 CEST 2008

#1988: addressbook mangles UTF-8 characters when importing version 3 vCards
 Reporter:  kavol    |          Owner:  zecke       
     Type:  defect   |         Status:  new         
 Priority:  normal   |      Milestone:  Om2008.9    
Component:  Qtopia   |        Version:  Om2008.9-dev
 Severity:  blocker  |       Keywords:              
Blockedby:           |   Reproducible:  always      
 Blocking:           |  

 This looks like a pure Qtopia bug, but reading
 it looks like I should report it here (and then it potentially goes
 upstream ...)

 I've exported my contacts from kaddressbook using vCard 3.0 into a single
 file. I've copied the file onto Freerunner and run "DISPLAY=:0 addressbook
 addressbook.vcf" from the console.

 The contacts got imported, however the characters outside the 7bit ASCII
 range were wrong. The single byte characters were swapped with others, the
 two byte characters were replaced with two (wrong) characters.

 The vcf file was encoded in UTF-8, and as far as I understand the
 corresponding RFCs, this should be the default unless specified otherwise
 (which is done by specifying Content-Type, which is not available inside
 of the file ...), so that I consider this behaviour a bug.

 Using vCard 2.1, where the encoding is stated explicitly for each non-
 ASCII record, the characters are imported properly.

 I am using packages from testing:
 Package: qtopia-phone-x11-addressbook
 Version: 1:4.3.2+gitr3+906a00fdcb89fdcc8252f84a76625eb42c8fe302-r41

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