Openmoko Bug #1691: [Qtopia] qpe crash happened after flash the new image

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Sat Sep 20 22:40:32 CEST 2008

#1691: [Qtopia] qpe crash happened after flash the new image
    Reporter:  wendy_hung  |        Owner:  zecke    
        Type:  defect      |       Status:  new      
    Priority:  highest     |    Milestone:  Om2008.10
   Component:  Qtopia      |      Version:           
    Severity:  blocker     |   Resolution:           
    Keywords:              |    Blockedby:           
Reproducible:              |     Blocking:           

Comment(by csamuel):

 I was seeing the same issue on my FreeRunner with FDOM 2008-09-13 as
 Toscho described (without the nano step).  Digging in the logs it appeared
 that qpe was having problems talking to the modem and logging lots of
 timeouts, after a number of which QPE would exit and the watcher would pop
 up the window.

 I found that restarting the GSM daemon would fix the timeout problem (or
 at least it would be able to talk to the modem successfully and stopped
 crashing), but the phone still wouldn't register with the network (unlike
 under the standard FDOM 20080913 release).

 I'm upgrading to the OM 2008.9 release (pending the FDOM version) to see
 whether that's working now.

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