Openmoko Bug #1662: [GSM] not working properly after x hours of usage

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Wed Sep 24 11:57:45 CEST 2008

#1662: [GSM] not working properly after x hours of usage
    Reporter:  will             |        Owner:  zecke    
        Type:  defect           |       Status:  new      
    Priority:  highest          |    Milestone:  Om2008.10
   Component:  System Software  |      Version:           
    Severity:  blocker          |   Resolution:           
    Keywords:  must have        |    Blockedby:           
Reproducible:                   |     Blocking:           

Comment(by erin_yueh):

 Replying to [comment:13 dolfje]:
 > You had my word for getting a logread asap, well here it comes.
 > My distro is now Om2008.9 (updated).
 > '''My fairy? tale:'''
 > After 7 hours that my gsm was up and running, it cannot get phone calls
 reliable. I phoned it (After I had put my phone out of suspend, 15 minutes
 before) 9 times. 7 times I get immediately the voice mail. 1 time I get
 the normal tone but my phone doesn't ring. 1 time it rings as it should
 be. This all when I look at the status icon and see a network connectivity
 of 4 blocks.
 > ps: I haven't had any problems with getting sms' and sending sms'.
 thanks for providing your log! From this log, it can tell you were
 connected with your network 'BEL PROXIMUS', received 2 phone calls,
 received 1 SMS, have 26 SIM SMS messages, and delete one SMS message. I
 cannot know why you got the voice mail from this log. It would depends on
 the local network traffic and need trace protocol layer. If your network
 never reached you on those 7 calls, we cannot see from the log. This log
 is stored the information between GSM modem and your application.

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